Usage-based Billing Tailored for Software Infrastructure

Paigo combines the most scalable usage metering system in the industry with a feature-rich billing automation platform for usage-based pricing. Purpose-built for data infrastructure, ML/AI platform, developer tools, and more.


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What We Do

Usage-based Billing Automated End-to-End

Usage Metering

Calculate and keep track of dynamic product usage metrics

Billing Aggregation

Aggregate raw usage data by time frames and dimensions


Fully automated invoice life cycle management

Payment Processing

Processing payment and revenue recovery automated

Global Sales Tax

Sales tax, VAT, GST calculation and tax compliance

Cloud Marketplace

Billing customers in major cloud marketplaces 

Billing Analytics

Usage pattern, revenue recognition and billing analytics

Pricing Iteration

Define and iterate pricing with experiments and predictions


Usage Metering Natively Architected for Scalability and Reliability

Paigo develops an industry-unique metering framework that features pull-based usage data ingestion
Raw usage data pulling in realtime with reliability built-in
Pulling achieves 10x better performance and reliability
No API call to billing system is necessary anymore

You Own Usage Data, Paigo Pulls From Your Source of Truth

Align internal teams across operations, sales, finance, product and more

Streamlined Revenue Operations from Quote to Cash


Define Pricing without Limitations

Every business is different, as are their pricing strategies. Paigo enables businesses to customize their best pricing scheme without constraint.

  • Subscription Tiers
  • Entitlement
  • Credit Note
  • Usage-based Pricing
  • Overage Charge
  • In-app Currency Unit

End-to-End Billing Feature Coverage

Paigo is the centralized platform for managing everything in the billing operations.

  • Tax-compliant Invoice
  • Refund Management
  • Coupon
  • Payment Processing
  • Discount
  • Revenue Recovery
Got no engineering time to build a polished customer billing portal? No problem!

Optimal Customer Experience by No-code Billing Stack

With Paigo's no-code billing stack, customer journey with product billing remains consistent from across the entire product life cycle. The authorization is managed across the entire stack to ensure permissions are managed properly. No-code billing stack includes: usage tracking dashboard, invoice portal, plan management portal, payment management, public pricing page, public cost estimator, checkout page, and more.


No-code Customer Usage Tracking

Visualized usage data tracking and plan progress in billing cycles


No-Code Customer Invoice Portal

Self-service invoice downloading and historical document retrieval


No-code Subscription Portal

Checkout, upgrade, downgrade or cancel subscription plans

Looking for additional features specific to your business models? Look no further!

Tailored Features for Software Infrastructure Products

With the founding team's decades of experience building successful data infrastructure products, Paigo has invested in tailored platform features uniquely desired by software infrastructure companies, including but not limited to data infrastructure, machine learning / artificial intelligence platforms, developer tools, LLM tools and more.

Measure Usage in Compute Capacity

Measure Usage in Data Storage

Measure Usage in Network Traffic

Measure Usage in Product Telemetry

Usage-based Cost Insights

Profit Margin Analytics

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Fully Customizable Billing Flows with Large Collection of Integrations

And adding more every week ...

Paigo plays a pivotal role in our product-led growth strategy by managing our billing operations seamlessly. In the realm of usage-based billing solutions, Paigo stands out with its unparalleled usage metering innovation, rendering integration remarkably smooth and dependable. Our development team enthusiastically endorses Paigo's technology, which uniquely combines both metering and billing functionalities within a single platform. Notably, Paigo empowers us with a pricing simulation feature that enhances our market readiness, ensuring we step into the market fully prepared.

Harish Govindaraju

Director, Research and Innovation | RightData


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