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The Best Usage-Based Billing for Software Infrastructure

Bill customers with Paigo measured usage and iterate pricing with usage-based cost and margin analytics

Real-time Usage Measurement

Laying back and seeing Paigo measures raw usage data in real-time with high precision. No need to meter usage anymore.
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Know Your Usage-based Cost and Margins

Cost Insights and Profit Margin Analytics for Software Infrastructure Business

  Know your "True" Cost: Usage-based Cost

Paigo calculates the exact cost based on product usage patterns, such as:
Unit cost, per query second cost, or per GB storage cost, or per GPU millisecond cost

 SaaS Cost Structure
Costs with breakdowns of variable costs, fixed costs and total costs.

 Profit Margin Analytics
Gross Margin, Contribution Margin, Per Customer Margin, Margin Analytics by SKU, etc.

Billing Features Tailored for Software Infrastructure Business

Billing for BYOC and On-Prem

Usage-based Billing for various deployment model of Software Infrastructure.

• Bring-your-own-Cloud, Bring-your-own-VPC or On-prem deployment models
• Best security and compliance practices

Cloud Marketplace Usage Reporting

Native integration with cloud marketplaces on AWS, Azure and GCP. Invoice customers from marketplace with one click.

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All-in-One Solution for Enterprise Billing Needs

• Automatic and Manual Invoice
• Global Tax Compliance
• Billing Aggregation
• Payment Transaction Processing
• Flexible Pricing Structure
• Revenue Recognition Analytics

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