The Best Usage-Based Billing for Software Infrastructure

Start billing customers in 5 min and scale to infinite possibilities. Purpose-built for data infra, ML/AI ops, dev tools, and more

Real-time Usage Measured by Paigo

Paigo measures raw usage data in real-time with high precision, and stream into dashboard. No need to meter usage anymore.
Measure Compute Time and Power

Paigo measures CPU/GPU/Memory or anything compute related on different platforms such as Kubernetes, Containers, or Virtual Machines, on AWS, Azure and GCP.

Measure Data at Rest and Data in Transit

Paigo measures a wide range of data usage, including:

• Block Storage Volumes and Disks
• Cold Storage, Archive, Backup, Snapshot, Log files
• Object Store and Blob Storage
• Data at Rest and Data in Transit

Measure Inbound and Outbound Network Traffic

Paigo measures bytes usage of various networking infrastructure, including AWS VPC, Azure Virtual Network, VPC Peering, Private Link, etc.

Measure Software Product Metrics

Paigo features Usage Measurement and Collection Engine that can be used to measure various software product metrics, including

• Read/write request
• Query time, table row
• API call, transaction volume
• Active users
• Any product metrics


You Own Data, and We Pull From Your Source of Truth

Pulling makes a huge difference for better performance and reliability. No API call to billing system is needed anymore.
  • Kafka
  • White-Postgres
  • Amplitude
  • Kubernetes
  • Mixpanel
  • AWS
  • Azure

Built-in Flexible Pricing Engine

Every business is different, as is their pricing strategy. Paigo enables business to customize their best pricing scheme without constrain.

Business Analytics

Know Your Usage-based Cost and Margins

Cost Insights and Profit Margin Analytics for Software Infrastructure Business
  • Know your true cost with usage-based costs, such as per query cost, provisioned storage cost or GPU millisecond costs
  • Understand cost structure by getting breakdown of variable costs, fixed costs and total costs
  • Make data-driven pricing decision with gross margin, contribution margin and revenue analytics

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