Billing on Autopilot with Full Flexibility

Automate SaaS billing for any pricing model, any business stage, and any go-to-market strategy, with 0 transaction fee forever.

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Customizable billing OS for any pricing model

Use pricing building blocks to define, test and iterate pricing strategies that make your customer's purchase decisions friction-free.
Plans with metric limits
Feature flags
Free trial or credit
Prepaid credits
Usage-based price
Recurring subscription
Many more ...

Fully automate every single step in revenue life cycle

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Scalable usage metering from every layer of your stack

Ready to scale up to 1000x your product usage with Paigo's usage metering infrastructure for real-time, performant and accurate tracking.

Spin up SaaS monetization in 3 minutes with no-code billing stack

Set up an entire end-to-end billing stack in exactly 3 minutes (we tested!) without writing a single line of code.
Customize with your logo, brand color and preference.
  • Customer Usage Dashboard
  • Invoice Management Portal
  • Upgrade / Downgrade / Cancel
  • Billing Onboarding Guide
  • Customer Checkout Page
  • Payment Card Management
  • Public Pricing Page
  • Public Price Calculator
  • Usage-based Sales Quote

No-code Customer Usage Tracking

Visualized usage data tracking and plan progress in billing cycles


No-Code Customer Invoice Portal

Self-service invoice downloading and historical document retrieval


No-code Subscription Portal

Checkout, upgrade, downgrade or cancel subscription plans


Extract insights from billing & usage analytics without data team


Query billing & usage data

Query data in revenue, billing, pricing or usage with intuitive query builder or SQL query directly.

Stream usage data in realtime

Stream usage data metered into dashboard in real-time

Run analytics lambda code

Run interactive code or upload JavaScript code snippets to perform analytics on queried data

Visualize and report

Visualize data with interactive diagrams or exported reports

Get instant answers from AI

Chat with GPT-powered Paigo AI to get answers instantly.

Level up billing operations with thousands of integrated apps


The first and only billing platform in the industry with a fair price:

Free Forever Plan

No Transaction Fee Forever

Unlimited Access to All Features

Unlimited User

Flat and Lowest Price in Industry


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